Who we are

We are a team of communication experts, who after much effort and talent, managed to establish a consolidated presence in the market. With corporate headquarters located in Athens and offices in Thessaloniki and Larisa, we deliver high quality tailored services, focusing mainly at medical and healthcare marketing, both in Greece and abroad.

As the no. 1 Health Consulting Agency, our expertise and step-by-step development process have allowed us to create an advertising company with a dominant and unquestionable presence in both Greece and Europe. The company has expanded its activities in 3 European countries (the U.K., the Netherlands, Belgium), proving once more its boundless capacity in medical and financial marketing.

That’s how Forthright came to be!

With exclusive knowledge and an incessant thirst toward mastery and perfection, our team of capable individuals is working together to create extraordinary brand experiences and comprehensive services with measurable results. To that end and since we are results oriented, we employ innovative high-efficiency methods and modern tools. That is why, the vast majority of doctors, pharmacies, pharmaceuticals, patients associations etc. operating in Greece, trust us to create, update, monitor and maintain their digital presence. Bear also in mind that Forthright is among the very few agencies in Greece with its own production studio, for both photo and video shooting.

As an officially certified GOOGLE partner, Forthright investments in lifelong learning by organizing and participating in various seminars and tutorials.

When it comes to company culture, please be aware that we are extremely pet friendly – Max will definitely welcome you and he will add to the fun and dynamic energy of our workplace! Additionally, environmental initiatives are high on our agenda, that is why we always recycle!
On a final note, corporate equality is NOT negotiable for us: We will never discriminate against you regarding your sex, religion, age, sexual orientation etc.. Never.

Our organization chart: