Social Media

Social Media refers to websites that are used by people in order to interact each other. They are based on people’s social networks.

Social Media use technologies in order to transform monologues into social dialogues. In addition, they transform people from content consumers to content producers.

In our days,  Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube can be the ideal form of communication and advertising of your business.

Our company can you develop and manage your social media pages more effectively!

Also, our company customize your social media strategy, create content, and we are always trying to keep you business active with to your community/customers. Forthright protects your competitiveness, increases trust in your services among social media users and instantly and reliably informs users about your products and services.

The benefits  are many and much effective for a business, depending on its field of activity.

For example:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Message Targeting
  • Increase Sales
  • Customer Engagement
  • Viral Effect

Social media, as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn make simple consumers’ preferences in market trends and have an obvious and far-reaching impact on how people shop. Now days, customers not only can search companies through internet but also can learn through social evaluation about the products/services of the company. People also use social media to share opinions and experiences about companies, products and services. Everyone is free to express his opinion either is positive or negative. On the other hand, companies try to gain access and engage in social media lifestyle. A small number of systems now integrate social networking sites.

Social media offers a number of advantages for companies, such as using online communities as a trusted source of decision making and as a means of seeking solutions for real customer’s problems. Another advantage is that companies can learn about their costumer’s habits and preferences by over-targeting their sales and marketing departments.

Some analysts believe that B2B advertisers should be more restrained about social media and commercial processes. They propose a careful market review to decide if and where this can give measurable benefits to customer contact, sales and support. It is recognized that people feel repulsive between them and the agents, and the company is avoided, and sometimes respond negatively to that company.