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ForthRight is your valuable partner in building your website. Building websites is not simple.  A website can make difference to a business, to a professional, to a doctor.

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For a successful Web Site it is necessary to pay attention to the construction of the site (Web Development – Web Design – Content – SEO), the new technologies and the differentiation from the competitors, is more than necessary.

Your Web site is the image of your business in the Internet, so by effectively presenting your image you are setting the bar higher in today’s competitive environment. There is a saying on the Internet: Content is the king and it has a great base, since with a well designed Web site, the quality of information stands out better for visitors.

At ForthRight, web design means high quality web development and promotion services, focused on our clients investments. At ForthRight, web design means high quality web development and promotion services, focused on return on investment for our client. In this way, we can help you translate your business thinking into technical requirements and then design, develop, and organize the application that will support it, whether it’s a website, a complex tool, or an application mobile.

Also, by analyzing our customer’s presence on the Internet and at the same time analyzing his market and competition, we create an Internet Marketing Plan that will help him overcome his competition. Following a series of actions (Google Adwords, Keyword Selection, Social Media Strategy, Email Marketing, etc.) will help him increase his sales and overcome his competitors.

Let’s create your professional website together.

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Below are 5 trends for a successful website. The 5 guidelines will help you build a website or upgrade and rebuild the website you already have.

The last year has been a new start for the web design industry, as the web has officially moved away from the old, messy design way to a more professional, user-friendly, seamless browsing experience. Below we present 5 trends in web design that help us design the web for the best:


The days that we had to host 5 different websites depending on the screen size of the devices, have gone. Most websites, magazines and blogs today prefer a responsive design that automatically adjusts to the size of the user’s screen. Not only responsive design is more user-friendly, it significantly reduces page loading time by eliminating unnecessary redirects from the site homepage.


It should be easy and fast to be able to modify, evolve, change, add or remove content, change photos from the websites. There are various cms that the customer or company can choose to create the website, such as wordpress, joomla, drupal and many more. The solution in custom cms commits the customer to the company and raises the cost considerably, so it would be best not to prefer it.


A website is a lifeless object. To make this lifeless creature come alive, professionals have been using animations since the beginning of a web design. Web developers are now using premium animations to bring life to the minimalist themes of web design. The most popular animations include animated background animations, slideshows and much more.

  • Enriched design

A new form of flat web design has begun to gain ground, which allows the grid layouts, the animations, the original transitions and the use of in-depth effects such as lighting and shadows. In the end it delivers a rich, professional and premium web surfing experience that makes users feel confident and comfortable.

  • Interactions

The idea behind the design of any modern website is to keep the user busy as long as possible. This is achieved by making the user interact with the site in a certain way without feeling annoyed. One example is Facebook’s new reactions, which allow you to show different emotions in a post or status and not just like them. Interactions should be fast and easy, keeping the user busy but without tension.


Google is the most popular search engine in Greece and we need to create our site in a way that meets the specifications. If Google doesn’t like our site, then it will never rank high in organic search results, so it will be very difficult and we will have to spend  lots of money on advertising.

Websites can become Google-friendly by following a series of rules that start by building a website. This is called on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it would be a good idea to begin from the site creation. Search engine optimization is now a prerequisite for a successful site.


Powerful content that follows regular copywriting, and obeys the SEO rules is the key to success! Let’s look at three strategies that will help you increase traffic from organic searches and create a loyal audience:

  • Create attractive, useful and accurate titles.

Creating attractive titles is a difficult process! Too often, excellent content posts get lost in the web. The title is the reader’s ticket to read the post. So for the reader to choose to spend a few minutes of their precious time in reading it, the title must deliver a useful, lively and at times enthusiastic title.

  • Speak the language of the audience!

It is very important to know the needs of the target audience. Each common goal requires different handling and adjustment of the tone of the language in order to feel that the text is relevant and to become a loyal follower.

  • Be inspiring! Become mentors for your audience, make their lives easier.

Answer your audience’s questions and whenever possible prevent their queries. Articles like “solution to the problem”, “recipes for success”, “do it yourself”, “how to” are the ones that create emotional bond with the public. Give them advice, let them trust you and it’s sure that they will come back soon!



When we create a website, it’s like opening a new store, a digital profile, a medical office, a profile of our company. The website is our mirror in the internet, visitors will get a picture of who we are, how good we are at what we do, whether we are serious or not from our website. The site is often the only image a visitor has of us.