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ForthRight is a specialized advertising agency in Medical Marketing. With extensive experience in the health sector and managing the largest number of doctors in Greece (more than 100), we can offer comprehensive medical marketing services


From creating a corporate identity, building a website for doctors, search engine optimization (in order to rank in the top Google positions), advertising on Google & facebook, creating a program on your office’s television, creating web content, translating medical texts, creating booklets and many more services.

ForthRight is a certified Google Partner and can create the strategy you need for your business to stand out. Dentists, orthopedics, plastic surgeons, gynecologists, general surgeons, and all doctors of all specialties, have the need to go online and beyond.

As an advertising company, ForthRight, besides the part of digital marketing that has a dedicated medical marketing team, can help you with PR, event management and Promotion.

ForthRight is one of the few advertising agencies and the few digital agencies to have an in-house photo & video studio while it also owns two online health magazines!

In recent years, the use of the internet has been catalytic. Surveys have shown that over 69% of people use the internet to search for medical information, while 43% search for doctors. Therefore, medical marketing is considered essential for any doctor who wants to look for clever ways to promote his/ her practice.


How much does it cost to build a Website?

At ForthRight we believe that creating a dynamic website is the first step to properly promoting your office. It is the one that gives users a complete picture of your specialty and services, the aesthetics and ethics of your office. At ForthRight we treat our customers with respect, providing top quality services at the most competitive prices in the market.

The personalized privilege packages give you the opportunity to achieve a modern result at an affordable price. The cost to build the site is tailored to your needs and your “ambitions”. In other words, your page is your “showcase”. We recommend that you make the most of the many features you provide within the site.

Attract more customers by sparking their interest through your articles, your achievements and scientific developments. This will give your patients the opportunity to get to know you better and keep up with your news. This process in marketing is referred to as content marketing.



How do I rank first in Google searches?

Creating the perfect website is not enough if your patients can’t find it by searching Google. So, the second step is to make your website visible to search engines. After all, Google’s top positions are those with the most views.

ForthRight’s specialized Marketing department undertakes the processes that will bring your website to the top of Google searches! In order to appear in the top ranks of Google’s search engine you must have the content of your page focused on the services you offer and the style of your practice.

This can be achieved in two ways: either organic (SEO) or paid Google visibility. Although paid advertising (AdWords) has a small cost, it can drive your business to profitability. So, for example, if you have your own private dental clinic in Chalandri and your website has clear communication guidelines, patients staying in Chalandri looking for ‘dentist near me’ will find your dentist easily and quickly.

How do Social Media connect you with your customers?

At ForthRight we know and accept the “omnipotence” of social media and how they dominate our lives. So the time has come for Social Media to be a very effective advertising medium. Marketing is also expanding to digital media, taking advantage of their potential being fascinated by their innumerable potential in attracting audiences.

After all, the majority of your customers are on Social Media. In addition to the ability to communicate via messages, you have the opportunity to develop your brand. Advertise with the right audiences, keep your followers engaged with interesting content, and take advantage of the variety of Social Media. Choose from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn and set the target that suits you.

How will Video attract clients to my office?

An image equals a thousand words, let alone a video. At ForthRight Advertising we ensure that our clients are at the center of developments, always benefiting from them. What’s more, developments show that Videos is the future of marketing. This, of course, is justified by the fact that ForthRight has its own state-of-the-art studio for video and audio production.

The highly trained and specialized staff of our company ensures the creation of high quality Videos for customers who choose to trust their dynamic presence in advertising. Research has shown that people who watch more than an hour of video on Facebook, and on YouTube, reach 50%.
Catch patients’ attention with a video of you speaking at a medical conference, or showing a descriptive video on how to perform an operation. This will attract many visitors to your website and therefore to your office.

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Call us and a specialist medical marketing consultant will make an appointment with you, analyze your needs and create a plan of action for your online visibility.

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