Content Marketing

The term Content Marketing stands for the creation and dissemination of quality and free content aimed at converting prospective customers into existing customers and loyal customers. Businesses are increasingly focusing on creating content related to the product they are offering, the image and values ​​they invoke, their website, social media and more generally all the media that they have chosen to promote. Marketing content has been found to be a safe method of increasing ROI (Return On Investment). It goes as follows:

Content – Site Traffic – Commitment – Conversion

Powerful content follows regular copywriting, and when obeying SEO rules is the key to success! Let’s take a look at five strategies that will help you increase traffic from organic searches and create a loyal audience:

1. Create attractive, useful and accurate titles.

Creating attractive titles is a difficult process! All too often, excellent content posts get lost in the web of hyperinflation. The title is the reader’s ticket to read the article. For the reader to choose to devote a few minutes of their precious time into publishing, the title must deliver a useful, lively and perhaps enthusiastic title.

2. Speak the language of the audience!

It is very important to learn and understand the needs of the target audience. Every common goal requires different handling and adjustment of the tone of the language in order to feel that the text is relevant to it, to commit to publication and ultimately to become a loyal follower.

3. Get inspired! Content Marketing is about becoming a mentor for your audience, making their lives easier.

Answer your audience’s questions and whenever possible be ahead of their queries. Articles like “solution to the problem”, “recipes for success”, “do it yourself” and “how to”, are the ones that create emotional bond with the public. Give them advice, let them trust you and they will definitely come back soon!

4.Content Marketing, requires a lot, lot multimedia!

An image equals a thousand words, wise people use to say and it’s absolutely right. Research has shown that our brain is more easily engaged and tends to remember more articles containing images, videos, presentations, infographics, gifs, memes, etc.

5.  Content Marketing is about Following the trends! 

Publish the right content at the right time. Use tools to get ideas for keywords, titles, and topics like:

  • Google Trends
  • Ubersuggest
  • LSI Graph
  • Keyword Planner